Checkin' out the armies equipment.
Starr gets excited by the armies big guns.
This issue starts with Starr doing an inspection of the armies heavy artillery in preparation for the return of The Saint of Killers. He's happy with the power he now has and feels he is ready for the Saint.

As Starr prepares for the big conflict, Cassidy tries to make a come back in Tulips eyes. He swears to her that the alcohol is a dead issue and he won't let her down. She's just giving him one more chance to prove himself, for Jesse's sake. Cass seems pretty confident that he won't fuck up, but well, you know.

Jesse enters the bar that Cass and Tulip were talking in and suggests a ride out to the valley. Tulip is too tired but Cass is in. Of course Jesse brings along some booze. The temptation is too much for Cass.
The good ol' boys.
Jesse wants to get spiritual.

Meanwhile, Colonel Holden is getting pissed of to hell with Starr and his "exercise". He wants to know why all his troops are out in the middle of no where waiting for a man that has a description right out of an old spaghetti western. Some of this series best dialogue ensues (you just have to read it to get the full enjoyment) with the end result that Holden ain't too impressed with Starr, and Starr doesn't give a shit, just as long as his orders are followed. Still, the conversation leaves Starr a little worried.

Holden takes on a serious dislike for Starr.
Holden gets an urge to kick Starr's ass. Unfortunately, Starr may just like that.

Cass and Jesse engage in a little more of that male bonding bullshit. Cass gives Jesse some words of advice on perspective. How to look at the world, and how to weed out the shit that doesn't really matter. Jesse tells Cass about how he feels that his powers give him a chance to do something great, something with meaning, such as bring God back to his responsibilities. They talk about The Saint a little, and how he was pushed to damn himself. Jesse wonders what would have happened if he was pushed to that degree.

The next day, Starr prepares for Jesse and the Saint, while Jesse wakes up in the bathtub. Jesse tells Tulip that he and Cass really tied one on last night. Tulip looks a little more than disappointed with that news.

Starr meets Bob Dicks, a representative of the President. Starr has no time for that, and gets on with the business at hand. Starr does see the use of Dicks though, considering that Dicks has a direct connection to the President and a private aircraft. Looks like Starr has a plan.

Suddenly Starr spots Jesse and Tulip. Starr wants Jesse separated from Tulip. That's when the Saint steps into the scene. And he seems to want to have a word with the Preacher.

The Saint looks pissed.
The Saint enters the Scene.