Getting the evil eye.
Tulip gets a long hard look.

All right, this is bound to be a great story line. This story will bring together the toughest, bad ass, shit kickin' characters in Preacher. Sounds good to me.

We start off with Jesse stopping in the middle of Monument Valley (where coincidentally they shot such great films as "Stagecoach" starring John Wayne) and anouncing that somethings going to happen here. Hmmmm...

Then it's off to Starr who is watching a news report on the newest star in New Orleans, ARSFACE. We get alook at some of the fans and just how popular he is becoming. Good for the Arse, he's taken enough shit up to this point (Heheh). Starr threatens to shoot the telivision at the sight of this but is interupted by Featherstone who has just received The Presidential Order. Starr has taken measures to capture Jesse but knows there could be involvement from The Saint of Killers.
Presidential Order
The Presidential Order comes into play as The Grail flexes its muscles.

Starr's plan this time is to kidnap Tulip and use her as a tool to control Jesse.

The scene goes to Jesse and Tulips favorite place, a motel. After some fast food (Heheh), they talk about there past. It's been ten years and they are more in love then ever. Jesse continually mentions lovin' Tulip till the end of the world (forshadowing maybe?) . Jesse plans to get some Peyote to get closer to Genesis inside him, find out where God is, and stick a thunderbolt up his ass. They talk about their commitement to Jesse's search, and then they get it on.

Starr arrives at Colonel Holden's office. Starr wants his troops, and with the aid of the Pressidential order, he gets it.

Worse for wear
Cass tries to confince Tulip that he now only has good intentions, too bad good intentions aren't always good.

Meanwhile, Cass is suffering from withdrawal, he hasn't a drink since New Orleans. Tulip finds him crouched over in pain and is mildly impressed with Cass's intentions to reform from the bottle. Cass wants Tulip to trust him again but Tulip can't forget what Xavier told her. And that is that shit happens in his wake. Cass feels that this may be his last chance to do something good.
Wayne gives Cass some spiritual motivation.

Jesse buys the drugs and later on finds himself talkin to John Wayne. John warns of hard times ahead, but Jesse feels he can handle it.

The issue ends with The Saint of Killers on the trail of Jesse. He comes across a drunk and his look scares the life out of the old man..literally.

The Look
The Saint brings a little Hell with him where ever he goes.