Talk about a wrap up. Looks like Garth is trying to get rid of all the trash and get on to the search for God. At least I hope so. I've always believed that the worst thing you can do to a character is kill him off. It's obvious that Garth doesn't follow this notion in this issue.
Given the Boot!
For once, someone elses foot is in Cass's mouth.
The action starts in the cemetery where Les Enfants du Sang have now stepped in on the ritual and are taking over the situation. With Cass on the ground decapitated from last issue, their next target is Tulip who they know intimately. Tulip dives behind a tombstone to evade their gunfire but unfortunately Janis is not so quick.

Mako goes over to Cass's head and gives it the boot, then moves on to kicking the crap out of his body. Tulip is still loose in the forest and is pinging off all the extras in this group. Jonathan figures out that the one she must be protecting is Jesse who is still in a trance with a python wrapped around his body. They use Jesse to bring her out by threatening to chop his head off. They give her to the count of three, and as they count Xavier snaps out of his grief over the dead body of Janis long enough for him to scream to Tulip to shoot the tape. The radio explodes and Jesse snaps out of his trance.
Is there protection on that blade?
Jonathan gets intimate with a blade.

The action explodes as Jesse and Tulip take out the entire Les Enfant du Sabng clan. Mako gets swallowed by the python, Jonathan is impaled with a blade that Lili must have mistaken for something else. And that's the end of that.
A spin on deep throat.
Lili forgot how long Jonathan's blade was. That's the last mistake she'll ever make.

The next scene they are sitting in a restaurant and Arseface walks in. His performance in an earlier issue prompted Gene Sergeant to sign him on to his label.

Later on Xavier catches up with Tulip to talk to her about Cassidy. This after the funeral of Janis. Xavier blames Cassidy for her death and knows something bad about Cass. Xavier reveals to Tulip waht happened between him and Cass. Cass fucked Xavier's woman while he was out of town. He warns Tulip that Cass is brilliant at being your best friend, but is irresponsible for his actions.

Dee and Cassidy.
Cass tries to the clear the air between him and Dee, unsuccessfully.

Cass pays a visit to Dee. She thinks he knows about the voodoo curse she placed on him and ducks for cover. She blames Cass for the loss of her eye but doesn't explain. Yeah, I really care. Talk about an undeveloped character. She looks cool but that's about it.

Later on Jesse and Tulip are alone and just as Tulip is about to tell him about Cass's come-ons, Jesse tells her that Cass won't be comin' with them. Cass has decided to go with Arseface posing as his uncle.

They all say their good-bye's, but just as Tulip starts feeling secure that they may never see Cass again...He's Back!

Cass is Back.
Cass is Back (wasn't gone too long mind you.)