Garth shows a new side to his character Jesse. Little did we know he does a great Orphan Annie impersonation.
This issue takes us into the mind of Jesse Custer where Genesis is hangin' out. With a little help from Xavier, his voodoo magic, and a huge python some secrets are explored. A little homage is paid to "Live and Let Die" as Xavier gets suited in a bone outfit. Jesse falls into trance. The python works as an avatar to a spirit that goes into Jesse's mind and unlocks the secrets. The memories are played out like a film that is hosted by "The Duke".

The scene goes to "Les Enfants du Sang", who are hiding in the bushes waiting for a good time to attack Cass. They have a trunk full of guns and are ready to kick. They want Cass's blood so that they may become eternal.

Meanwhile, in Jese's mind, the story is told of the birth of The Saint. No need to recap it here...well quickly. The Saint was delayed by a man named McCready from bringing medication for his dying famly. His wife and daughter are dead when he arrives home. So he goes out to kill McCready but in the process he also kills an innocent. The Saint goes to hell and becomes the Saint of Killers. His first official kill is Satan himself. But the point of the recap is to question who was it that set all the events off. Who placed all the events in The Saints path. In other words, who wanted there to be a Saint of Killers. Well, apparently it was God. Not a very nice guy is he.
The Story.
The Saints secrets are told.

Cass Continues his pursuit of Tulip. He feels that she is just in denial. Tulip clarifies for him her undying love for Jesse. Tulip tells him that if he keeps it up, she'll have to tell Jesse. Cass offers a little forshadowing with his response.

"Aye, what's he gonna do? I'd fuckin' hammer him, Tulip, an' you know it!"

Back to Jesse. He finds out that Genesis contained in Jesse is actually powerless while it's under Jesse's control. But if Jesse were to let it gain control...well, who knows.

Cass loses his head.
That's no way to get a head in life.

The issue ends with Janis finally recognizing Cass from the picture on the wall of her friends house, and so she runs off to Xavier to tell him, but as Cass pursues her "les Enfants du Sang" step out from the bushes, and that's when Cass really loses his head.