Blood Sucker
"This sucks"
Ahhhh... that was a nice issue. That good ol' feeling was back as I read this. That good ol' sick behaviour that addicted me to this series in the first place was finally back.

This issue starts off with Lili and Jonathan (vampire wannabe's and members of the cult "Les Enfant Du Sang") waiting for Milly to return with Tulip. Lili talks of her father and his high status in society. Apparently, Lily whores around in the same circles as her father. Her fantasy is that one day her father will be getting a blow from some hooker, he'll look down and see her daughter. Gee, isn't that everyones fantasy? As they two talk, Milly walks into the room with Tulip (or is it the other way around).

Meanwhile, Jesse, Cassidy, and Arseface are walking through town when they are stopped by some performing band. They invite Arseface to jam with them and he complies. This could be the beginning of the new Arseface rockstar as the crowd grows around the band.

Back to Tulip. Tulip asks them what they want with Cassidy. They tell her that they want his power. One of the cult members, Mako, says he wants Cassidy's head. All the while Milly is trying to warn the group that Tulip is packing (as if they wouldn't notice that her hand is in her purse the whole time). Anyways, Lily asks Tulip if she is Cassidy's sow, and Tulip explodes. She pulls out her gun and starts mowing the group down. Milly gets shot in the ass, and two others lose their faces. Jonathan gets all his fingers except his pinky shot off, but not to worry, Lili sucks up the blood from his hand faster that it can squirt. Tulip warns them to leave Cassidy alone and to basically fuck right off. What is this passion she suddenly has with protecting Cassidy? I guess we will find out later. As she leaves, Jonathan tells Mako to follow her.
She blew my mind.
Tulip blows some cult members away.

Back to Arseface the rock star, alarge crowd has formed aroung him chanting "Arseface". Some guy in a cowboy hat (possibly an agent) asks Jesse about Arseface. Jesse tells the guy that Arseface is his own man, go talk to him. We are left till next issue to find out more about this guy.

Jesse continues talking about Bill Hicks, a comedian that obviously had some motivational influence in Jesse's life. Jesse met him at a time just before he was infected with the Genesis entity. He walked into a bar, looking pretty bad and there he was, Bill Hicks performing a controversial skit. Jesse saw that this guy said what he felt, and whether you agreed with him or not, you had to respect him. That's when Jesse went back to the bar in Annville, told the truth about everyone in there, and got the shit kicked out of himself.

Later, jesse is walking down the street when Tulip pulls him into a shaded alley. Tulip tells him what has happened since he took off with Cassidy and Arse face, and Jesse's face drops. Cassidy turns up and they ream him for not warning them about Les Enfants Du Sang. Jesse even tells him that he fucked up. Things aren't going to well for Cassidy lately are they.

Remember that chick (Dee) that was pointing a gun at a picture of Cass? Well, Janis, Xavier's better half, is helping this girl pass voodoo curses over Cass, but Janis doesn't realize that Cass is the guy Dee is cursing. Janis is using Xaviers book of spells without him knowing to help Dee.

Janis leaves Dee and heads back to the table where coincidentally they are meeting Cass, Jesse, and Tulip. Xavier is telling them about the live snake they will use in the ritual, but in a private moment at the bar, Cassidy and Tulip get into it again. Cass has been drinking again and comes on to Tulip again. Man this guy doesn't give up, but if you've loved, you can understand his undeniable motivation. Cass says he can't stop thinking about her and believes she can't stop thinking about him too. Tulip walks back to the table angrier than ever but it looks like Cassidy is probably right. Hard to tell.
She's in love with Cass alright.
She's angry, but man, Cass is right. She's got passion for him.

The group goes off to the cemetery to perform the ritual and meet Luthor (the snake). Mako is still on their tail, and calls the others to come in. We'll just have to wait until next issue to see what happens.