"Hey, at least you don't have acne"
Cassidy's ex is looking pretty good. But what's with the green hair?
So, what would you do if some disfigured man was holding a gun in your face? Well, if the guy was Arseface, Jesse would try to reason with him, Tulip would stick a gun right back in his face (she's getting violent lately), and Cassidy would laugh at him. That's what happens, and once they all realize it's Arseface they all laugh at him. The guys about to shoot Jesse and they all start laughing? I feel like I'm reading a comic book again. I'm not afraid to say that that was one of the stupidest, shit-licking scenes ever. Oh, well. This issue does get better though, just that scene...stupid.

The next scene has Dee, Cassidy's ex. And she looks to be into some of that voodoo shit. She's on the phone with someone asking how she's supposed to know if its working. She wants to make sure that Cassidy is suffering for what he did to her (she's wearing a patch over one eye so I assume Cass was responsible for it, although it will probably turn out in the end that he was completely innocent and unaware of her suffering and there's just been some kind of humourous misunderstanding, that's if this comic takes the easy road in story telling).

Anyways, back to Arseface. They are all still laughing at him until finally they hear Arseface declare "He killed My dad!". Jesse didn't know this and immediately becomes sympathetic. Jesse reminds the boy that his faher was a real asshole (remember Sheriff Root). Arseface remembers and puts the gun down. Now they are friends and they all go to a diner to talk about their wacky misadventures. Arseface tells them that now that this is all cleared up he's going to head to Texas. Jesse offers to give him a ride there.

The next day they arrive in the french quarter in New Orleans. Cass already called his contact that knows Voodoo, and set up a meetind but as the group walks down the street, two guys recognize Cassidy, and they don't look too happy. These gays call Lily and Lily calls Jonathan, (a guy who is having blood licked off his wrist by some lady.) Lily tells Jonathan to make plans to have the girl (Tulip) picked up. They don't want any direct contact with Cassidy. What's this all about? Lily says this is about Les Enfants Du Sang being made real. Obviously, Les Enfants du Sang is a vampire cult and they know Cassidy is a real Vampire, so they want him to make them Vampires (at least that's what I think). This looks to be an interesting story line coming into the Preacher, let's just hope we don't have to go through anymore opening scenes like the one in this issue...stupid.

At a cafe the trio plus Arseface await Cassidy's contact, Xavier. Cassidy warns the others that they didn't part in good terms. Xavier and his friend Janis arrive. Janis seems to rocognize Cassidy from somewhere, I guess we'll find out later where. Xavier tells Jesse that he might be able to help him. Xavier wants to put Jesse in to a trance and have him possessed by the serpent god ARPE-Reposoir. He will ask the god questions and the god will answer. Then he will end the possession. Hmmm...another god finding out the secrets of heaven and hell and possessing the power of genesis. I think the possession may last a little longer than expected.

Les Enfants Du Sang make an appearance. I wonder how they got their name.
The group splits up with plans to do the trance the next day. Tulip goes back to the hotel to read and Jesse, Cassidy, and Arseface head over to the bar where they discuss women. Cassidy somehow figures that Arseface is a virgin, maybe Cass can smell these things.

Back at the hotel, three very pale guys walk into Tulips room through the window,. Tulip shoots two of them immediately, without hesitation. The third one she corners with a gun right in his face. They were there to take her to Jonathan. Tulip decides that she wants him, (Milly) to take her to Les Enfants du Sang (The Children of the Blood) after all.

This issue ends with Jesse and Cassidy taking Arseface to a hooker to get some action. They take him in with a bag over his head. Unfortunately the bag falls off during the act of creation. Ha...ummm. hah..

Tulip starts her own cult called, "Les Morts Du Sang"