The scene opens in a restaurant with some trucker type guy trying to pick up a waitress. Of course, being a trucker, he has to want to rape her (right, not too typical, hunhh? Truckers get a bad wrap.) So he offers her a little romantic interlude in the restroom, obviously not giving her a choice either way.

At the same moment a mysterious figure races along the road on a motorcycle towards the restaurant. Back at the restaurant, the cook comes out in his typical hickish voice protesting the truckers proposition. The trucker knocks the cook out with one punch. The mysterious figure on the bike steps in with a gun and motions the trucker out. After the trucker shits his pants, he gets the idea and leaves. The waitress comes to thank the biker, but as he pulls his helmet off, we see it's good ol' Arseface.
ARSEFACE the hero..
"Excuse me miss, you seem to have a drooling problem"
And you would think Arseface had learned the dangers of guns by now.

The next seens has Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy talking in a diner. Jesse explains that his next course of action is to consult the Navajo Indians for their spiritual powers in order to unlock the secrets of Genesis inside his mind. Jesse hopes to find out where God is hangin' out and take the fight right to him. Tulip suggests that Jesse see a shrink, but Jesse will have nothing to do with that shit. Tulip reasons with him that he would rather have some indians feed him mushrooms and chant over than see a shrink. Jesse simply replies,"shrinks are for assholes.". Yep, the dialogue is definitely back on this one. Cassidy sugests that Jesse see this guy he knows that's into voodoo. He can go right into a guys head, look around, and come out with all the hidden shit. Jesse likes the idea and they are off to New Orleans.

Back to Arseface in the restaurant. He retells the story of how he came to the where he is now, searching for Jesse to kill him. Arseface blames Jesse for his fathers death.

On the way to New Orleans, the trio stop at a side road bar and grill to rest up. As Jesse carries on about how he loves the south, a chance meeting happens as Arseface walks in to the bar and grill, passes the group and heads into the washroom, neither aware of each other. Jesse talks about his motives for going after God. The way he sees it, God had a responsibility to us, and he ran once he was called to account for all the shit he was responsible. The way Jesse figures it that makes him an asshole. Tulip thinks God is a piece of shit because he brought her back to life just to get Jesse off his tail, making Tulip's life a completely meaningless violation. Cass says he's just along for the ride, but I get the feeling he's going to have a few words of his own once they catch up with him.

Jesse then goes to the washroom, where Arseface is in a stall taking a dump. He hears Jesse's voice and recognizes it immediately. Arseface catches up with the group outside as they are leaving and sticks a gun in Jesse's face and says, " UH TUMUHFUHYUH VUHYUHUH UHFUH! (Translation: It's time to face the vengeance of Arseface!)".
One of Cass's ex girlfriends prepares to try and get Cass back.

Meanwhile in New Orleans a girl points an unloaded gun at a picture on a wall and fires it. It's a picture of Cassidy, and she don't seem to like him too much. Poor Cass.