Starr has a new look.
Hey, instead of looking like a dick, he looks like a pimp (is there a difference?).

So Cass has finally awakened after a night of ill intent, and has realized how big of a wanker he truly is (those are his words). It's the morning after and Tulip wakes up beside Jesse. They start talking about Jesse ditching her in France. Her main intent is to get him to treat her as an equal. She feels she can take care of herself, and doesn't need Jesse leaving her behind when he wants. What she wants is respect as an individual, not a lover. Jesse later asks her what she was so upset about the night before. She decides to not tell Jesse about Cass's proposition (just yet anyways).

Cass gets a warning.
Tulip seems to be keeping Cass's mistake a secret, but Cass has been warned.
Star spends a little time to cover his scar on his head. He can't bear that he looks like a penis. You would think he would be happy. He tries on some wigs but later discovers the perfect hat.

Jesse goes to the art gallery to view a piece of art by Andrew Wyeth. What this frame means, I don't know, but I suspect his mother is on his mind.

Tulip gets everyone together at a bar including Amy so that she can have a word with Cass. Whil Amy distracts Jesse, Tulip confronts Cass. Cassidy apologizes and says it was the alcohol. Tulip, doesn't look satisfied with his explanation but settles for the moment. Later on Cass attacks a guy for no apparent reason. He almost kills him for just spilling a glas in front of them. Jesse takes Cass outside to get air, and Cass starts pouring his heart out about how Jesse's the best friend he has in the world. Something is wrong here. He just seems to be cracking up.

He's Fucked
Time to kick some butt.

The last two pages of this issue has Starr swearing to crucify Jesse and The Saint of Killers crawling out of the rubble at Masada. He only has three words, "War it is.".
he's back (again)
the saint is back. it's about time this series starts to pick up again.