Jesse and Tulip
Tulip turns the table on Jesse, and leaves him for once.

Ahhhh...back to Tulip. After a brief departure from the story line to show Cassidy's past, Ennis brings the story back to all the characters we have grown to love (or hate).

Starr arrives in San Francisco and he don't look too happy. Ennis is very good at showing us little life lessons, like how to handle a cabby who won't shut up. Shoot their radio and tell them to shut up. Hey, it worked for Starr.

In New York Jesse and Cassidy are preparing for their reunion with Tulip. After Jesse ditched her, he isn't too optimistic about this being a pleasant moment. But there she is suddenly jumping into his arms and licking his face (if only Tulip were real). Jesse and Tulip separate from Cassidy to go to her hotel room and do a little catching up. It seems they have waited long enough for friction of the phalic sort. Once in the hotel room, Tulip shows Jesse something she bought, HANCUFFS (she's good). Of course, Jesse suspects the best, but gets the worst. She cuffs him to the bed and takes off for the night. Maybe she was upset at him after all.

Amy makes her first appearance, giving Tulip a little advice and telling a tale or two of her own.
The scene goes over to another motel where two of the members of the Grail (Starr and Featherstone in their white suits with red shirts and ties) are having a meeting. Hoover is noticeably missing from the meeting. If you recall, the last time we saw him he was counting sand on a beach. Starr is now the new Allfather of the Grail, and since the destruction of Masada, everything has become disorganized enough that he will easily gain control (is that terrible grammar? I give a shit).

Tulip meets an old friend named Amy at Van Ryan's bar, while Jesse is still cuffed back at the hotel. They haven't talked since events that occured at the beginning of this series, so she goes over facts like Jesse being a reverand. Tulip has doubts about Jesse because this is the second time he has left her but Amy convinces Tulip to stay with Jesse. Amy tells her own story of the last guy she was dating and who was a comic writer. It looks like Ennis has taken a little piece of his life and inserted it into the story with a grin. Her story ends with the line, "Writers Suck.". Nice one Ennis.

Crack Head
Looks like Starr has not only become the new Allfather, but a crack head too.

The next page set up beautifully by Dillon has nine frames of Starr looking in a mirror at his newly created scar across the top of his bald head (care of Jesse Custer back in Masada). In the last frame Starr says "Shit". It's a moment.

The next scene has Tulip purchasing a gun from Amy and doing a little target practice on the roof of her building. Tulip has good aim, and my bet is that the story is going to come back around to events occuring early in the series in regards to Tulip making an assasination attempt.

Tulip stops to meet Cassidy at a bar where he had earlier arranged to meet Jesse (but Jesse is still locked up to the bed). Cassidy is a bit drunk and starts telling Tulip how shitty he feels. Tulip suggests to him the love of a woman, and Cassidy asks if she is up for the job. Then Cassidy goes into it deeper telling Tulip that he really loves her. Tulip reminds him about Jesse, and he says to her that Jesse left her in the middle of France. Oopps. She doesn't like what she hears so she just leaves him in the Bar. Tulip goes back to the hotel, uncuffs Jesse and asks him to hold her.
Cassidy makes Tulip an offer she can refuse. Oh well.