Swamp Bite
Proinsias gets his first hickey. Big brother ruins it with a bullet.

Now for the story of Cassidy, and how he came to be a blood sucking vampire. The story starts off with rebels holed up in a building and people yelling out for Cassidy. Actually, it's the Cassidy brothers, and they are heading out to ping off a sniper. Our Cassidy is the younger one named Proinsias. Still naive, he is grossed out by the sight of blood. Big brother Billy takes charge, spots the snipper and shoots him through the neck in one shot. They are fighting for the Irish Republic on Easter weekend 1916, and their leaders fully expect themselves to all die in this battle. Billy over hears this while taking a piss. The mission leaders expect this sacrifice to bring an end to English tyranny. Billy runs back to his brother Proinsias and drags him out, guns blazing. He doesn't plan to be captured by the English, and figures they have to leave Dublin for safety. Billy is the wise brother, he sees war for what it is. Just a bunch of idiots shotting of pistols and gettin' themselves killed. Billy believes that there has to be a smarter way to get rid of the English. Proinsias has a different perception of war, but Billy won't hear of it. He plans to get his little brother home safe.

Proisias gets his first sun burn.
Proisias learns from his brother that his father is Catholic and his mother Protestant. Proinsias doesn't understand why a Catholic man would marry a Protestant. Billy sums it up clearly. "D'yeh think they might've been in love?"

When the sun falls they stop to rest from their escape near some swamp land. Billy turns away from Proinsias for a moment and when he turns back, a disfigured lady is taking a bite out of Proinsias's neck. Billy shoots her and the two fall into the swamp together. That was the last time Proinsias saw his brother. The date was April 27, 1916.

Jesse Custer finds Proinsias to be an amusing name but it actually has roots in Celtic Mythology.
The scene comes back to the present where Cassidy is telling Jesse the story. They're on top of the Empire State building. Cass continues with his story. Cassidy wakes up the next day in the water and as he drags himself out his skin explodes into flames. He jumps back into the swamp and after four more tries he waits till dark and tries to get out again. Not bursting into flames he made way to figure out his life. Eventually he realised that he he could live off the night and not have to live like the monster in the swamp. Having to lie low and deciding it would be too complicated to ever see his family again, Cass took off for the U.S.