Jesse and Cass
Ennis makes a point of noting that Starr isn't homosexual. He likes anal sex.
There is a difference.
Issue 24: And Justice For All

What an end! This issue is the best one in a while. Ennis has really focused again on the characters, the story, and a fast pace.

The last part of the 6-part Crusaders story line starts off with Cassidy having a little chit chat with God. God calls Cassidy "Beast". God has a message for Cassidy to pass on to Jesse. God wants Jesse to end his quest for him. God does not wish to be found , he wishes only to roam freely on earth. God says their paths have now crossed twice, the third time will mean death (isn't God just the greatest!). Cassidy swears at God for leaving this task to him while dickless is pumping bullets into him. God's response is that Cassidy is a blood drinking thing that crawls in the night, lower than the worst scum on the surface of the earth (is God talking about Cass? What an ass hole!). That is why God names Cass "The Beast". Ohhhhh...

Three characters taken out in one frame. The Allfather has a real crush on Humperdido and Marseilles.
The scene goes over to Jesse and the fallen angel. The angel is screaming on about how God is hear and he's going to get him for talking to Jesse. Jesse tells the angel to shut up. Jesse has a word or two for God but he cares more about something else. He didn't come here to find God, he came here to save Cassidy. That's more important, because Cassidy has been a real friend to Jesse, where as God has only let him down. It's nice to see a statement made about putting people before God. I like it.

Marseilles is now making his escape using Humperdido as a human shield. The Allfather calls off his men because he does not want any harm to come to his prescious blood line (everyone else can die though, that's all right). The news from the battle below with the Saint is grim. Just a big pile of bodies, and more men running in to get the Saint. What a bunch of suicidal bastards.

Jesse has caught up with Starr and discovers that Starr has a secret elevator built into Masada that can either take him to the top of the mountain to a helicopter pad, or down to the bottom where ther is an escape passage. Starr plans to take Jesse with him. After all, Jesse is a crucial part of Starr's plans for The Grail's future. Right? Starr has set off a bomb that will destroy Masada and all of The Grail with it (except for him of course) and so they must get out right away. Starr has a brief case that contains all he needs for the continuance of The Grail. Starr explains to Jesse that he lured Jesse to Masada so that he could see how fucked up it was and then realize that only Jesse and Starr alone could truly bring about the prophecy of The Grail. To bring oder to the world. Jesse hears this but gets back to his main purpose of being there. He asks Starr where Cassidy is. Starr tells him that there is no time for Cassidy. Starr doesn't want Jesse to die so a fight starts. Jesse gets the upper hand and starts dragging a knife across Starr's bald head towards his face. Starr has to make a split decision (yeah, it's a pun, shoot me.) and gives Jesse the directions. Jesse gets distracted for a moment by an object that he finds fallen out from Starr's briefcase. It's a strap on dildo (used in an earlier issue by a prostitute). This moment of distraction is enough for Starr to make his escape in the elevator.

Jesse and Cass
Jesse helps Cassidy to safety. It looks like Cassidy really needed a hand (and an arm for that matter).
God has found the angel and has set him on fire for giving information to Jesse. God feels that now he has to hide because the angel told Jesse everything. God names him "Betrayer" (God likes names, don't he). I assume that he doesn't kill the angel although it looks like it. What would be the use in naming him if he won't even get to use the name? I don't know.

The Allfather at the summit of Masada. News of the bomb is out and The Allfather calls off the attack on The Saint. His priority is to save the child and himself. The others can rot if they like. Humperdido escapes from Marseilles and Starr pops his head out from the elevator escape hatch. Starr sees The Allfather being loaded onto the helicopter so he runs over and takes control of it with The Allfather in the back. At that moment Marseilles catches Humperdido. Starr orders the pilot to bank sharp. and The Allfather falls to earth land on top of Marseilles and Humperdido. As he falls, Starr screams "Blessed. Blessed. Blessed is Allfather Starr.". Now Starr is in control of The Grail.

At that moment Jesse finds Cassidy and makes short work of dickless, who falls into the arena with Cassidy and breaks his neck. Cassidy leans over him and that's that.

The bomb explodes a little later destroying Masada completely. The Saint of Killers is buried in the rubble (but he'll be back), and Cassidy and Jesse escape through the underground tunnel. As the walk, Cassidy passes on the message of God to Jesse. He tell's Jesse that he's supposed to stop knockin' around with beasts. It's against the law of God. And Jesse ends with a truly memorable line,"Well he can shove his law up his ass, if just one word of it says I can't stand by my friend."