Issue 23: Revelations

Jesse and The Saint of Killers
Jesse and The Saint of Killers work out a deal that
may have them working together.
This issue was good! Well written, beautifully drawn, and the story is really starting to come together.

This issue starts with a pissed off Saint of Killers pointing a gun at Jesse. He is finally going to complete his mission when Starr intrudes with a plan devised by the mysterious figure in the chamber the mysterious figure is the Archangel cast down to Earth from the Heavens. He is the father of Genesis.. Starr doesn't want Jesse to die because he wants him to be the next Mesiah. The Archangel wants Jesse to live because only Jesse can save him from the Grail with the word of God. Starr steps out and tells the Saint that if he kills Custer he will never find out who killed his wife (Saint of Killers origin was examined in the 4-issue series). This gets the Saint a little more than interested and so he pursues Starr's statement. The Saint thought his family died from fever, but apparently not. The secret of what really happened lies within Jesse, in the form of Genesis. Jesse has access to all of Genesis memories but does not know how to access them. Genesis has spoken to Jesse all along, even in the form of his imaginary gaurdian, John Wayne. The Saint tells Jesse that if he figures out what really happened to his family, he won't kill him. Jesse accepts.

At this point The Saint steps outside the chamber to prevent D'Aroniques troops from reaching Jesse, Starr and the Archangel. Now that they are all alone, the Angel tells his story. The story is told of the meeting of an Angel and a Demon, but the way it's told, it seems that their actions were not voluntary. The Angel describes that their wills were not their own as they approached each other and consumated their unholy relationship. They were caught by the Seraphi as the Demon gave birth to Genesis. The Archangel was cast down to Earth and Genesis was contained. It was only a matter of time until Genesis escaped and came to earth seeking a will power in the form of Jesse.

Starr had captured the Angel and imprisoned him in the chamber. Starr tortured the Angel to gain knowledge and power for The Grail. As the Angel talks, Starr radios to Marseilles, his right hand man, to get a pilot and helicopter ready for their escape. Starr plans to leave with Jesse and comes up with a plan that may work. Marseilles uses that dork who likes to piss as a human shield to get past D'Aronique and his men.

The scene flashes back to Jesse and the angel. Jesse tells the Angel of how God quite when Genesis was born. The Angel didn't know of this and so, the issue ends with the Angel screaming "God is coming!". I guess God will be in the next issue. Yeah....