Issue 22: Iron In the Blood

The Preacher has arrived, and Masada is ready for him. Or so they think. Starr holds Frankie off of Cassidy for a while because he thinks they may need him...hmmm. The gaurd makes an attempt to apprehend Jesse but unfortunately for them they speek english, which means it's time for a little of the Word of God to come into play. Jesse makes it in all the way to the Allfather D'Aronique but the Allfather has a card to play. Jesse can't use the word or else Cassidy will witness his first sunrise in a while. Those sunrises can be killers, if your a vampire.

The Allfather reveals his plan. He wants to reshape the Earth to his design through the Grail. In the end, so he says anyways, all the leaders of the world will call him each and every morning and thank him. Thank him maybe for not putting out a workout video? Who know's.

Now for the soap opera part that was even cheesier then I am. Guess who's related to who. Oh God, a pathetic little twist in the story line. Jesse's grandmother is Allfather's Aunt, so that means they are related. Pathetic. Not a very original twist in my books. Let's hope that this at least plays out with some original relevance in the future. Anyways...Allfather is now upset at Jesse for killing his aunt, the bitch L'Angelles.

Now for the fight of the century (not quite) Allfather pits the stunning might of Starr against the agile speed of Jesse in a dual to the death. The fight goes on but Starr has to get Jesse alone to tell him something. He turns the fight into an escape for the two of them. Starr has to escape now because the Allfather feels that he has used up his welcome with the Grail.

Starr leads the Preacher in a chase towards an underground cell that contains a mysterious creature. It's probably an angel or something but don't quote me. Oh hell, it's an angel, it has to be. As the creature wakes up the Saint of Killers finally catches up to Custer and asks him "just how fast you reckon you can preach?" (these were, by the way, the last words in this issue so that's it for this summary).