Issue 21: Stormbringers

Well, the first two pages show the ever loving presence of the Saint of Killers, oooh boy, he's on his way and in style ( I see about 4 dead bodies on the first know what I mean.) Then we move on to the arrival to Masada of a new character Allfather D'Aronique, a man whose weight can bring apart the landing gear of a private jet. With this character, I sense that Ennis plans to have some real fun with religion. Here's this big guy all dressed in the proper garb(age) stepping off the plane blessing every one and then he falls on this poor sucker. Starr blows the suckers head off to save him from the torture the Allmighty would put him through for getting in his way. Bless all indeed. Anyways, Starr thinks that the Allfather is aware of his plans to make Jesse the new Messiah.

Why would he want to break the Divine lineage anyways? We find out with the introduction of the child. A kid born through a direct bloodline (brother sister type direct) who apparently likes to piss...hmmm...

Jesse and Tulip are still on their way to rescue Cassidy from the evil clutches of...ummm...a dickless guy with a gun (a bad combination in my books as Cassidy is quickly learning).

At this point Starr is starting to look like one of the good guys. He's a maniac with the right idea. I think Jesse would make a good Messiah, even a great Messiah, all he has to do is start believing in himself (get it? Yeah, I know I'm cheesy). Could Jesse be the next Messiah? Time will tell I guess.

Now the absolute classic scene in the book. An 800 pound Allfather pulls out a stick with two fingers on the end and pushes it down his throat. He's bulimic! (Do you think he has a weight problem? Heavy questions are everywhere in The Preacher's Divinity).

Reporter: Allfather D'Aronique, what do you have to say in response to the rumors that you are bulimic?

Allfather D'Aronique: uwllll...wuuah...BWAAK...BWAAAKK...

I have a way with words don't I. After this impressive sight, Jesse ditches Tulip to save Cassidy on his own. Something tells me that Tulip is not out of the picture yet though.