Issue 20: Too Much Gun

What better over a romantic candle lit dinner then rapid gun fire, hmmmm? Yes, this issue starts with a bang as the grail makes an assasination attempt on Jesse and Tulip. Jesse tries to use THE WORD to put an end to it but his plan is foiled by non english speaking assasins (just when you thought they were extinct too). The dynamic duo takes care of these ninja types the old fashion way - gun fire and karate chops to the neck. The two get into their car and drive away trying desperately to hit all the speed bumps (or were they people? You can answer that for yourselves).

Starr meets up with a new character named Frankie, a dickless man who loves to torture people. His nickname is Frankie the Eunuch. It seems he pissed off some Russians so they offed his pisser in response. Oh well. We get a little more background about his father turning his back on him because "the Toscanis have always had dicks". Starr hires this guy to be the man who will torture the captured Cassidy.

Jesse's big worry right now is for Tulip's safety on their trip to Masada. He has already seen her get killed once and he won't let it happen again. Now that's love. Jesse is faced with the dilema that he may need her but he doesn't want her to get hurt.

Is Starr really gay? I guess so, not that it matters. That is if you don't fall for all that religious crapola. In this scene he hands a bag to the hooker at Masada and tells her to put the contents of the bag on. It is fairly clear what it is but if you haven't guessed...well let's just say that Starr most likely will not be on top. Get it now?

This issue ends with Cassidy getting shot up pretty badly by Frankie (with some good dialogue mixed in for flavour), Starr is walking weird but sure has a big smile on his face, that is, until he hears of the arrival of the Allfather D'Aronique, and Jesse has a little chit chat with John Wayne about skipping off on Tulip to go to Masada alone.