Falling Angel
Falling from Heaven, this angel will turn up later in this series.
The scene starts off July 1994 off the Gulf of Mexico. An aircraft carrier has called in a U.F.O. and sent a jet to investigat. These boys are in for a surprise when they experience a near miss with a falling angel. The white house is informed and they call Mr. Starr with details.

The next scene goes to Jesse Custer and Tulip in the prcess of stealing a Ferrari for old times sake. They are on their way to rescue Cass from Masada.

The scene flashes over to Starr who is curious as to why the Allfather wants Jesse. Starr knows that Jesse is coming so he has Marseille get together a group of non english speaking men to intercept him. At the end of this scene Marseille informs Starr that the autopsy on the creature will soon commence (the creature being Cass).

Deblanc and The Saint
Deblanc likes when someone holds his hand when he takes a leak, and the Saint was the closest guy.
Back in Las Vegas, Deblanc and Fiore (Angels from early in the series) are having a little meeting. Apparently they are in to the Casino business and doing very well here on Earth without God. But then there is a knock on the door. It's the Saint of Killers, but he doesn't want to kill them (yet) he just wants to know where The Grail is so he can get to Jesse Custer.

At the autopsy, Cass's death has been deduced to have been caused by multiple gun shot wounds. Of course, he's not dead, and when the doctor attempts to remove his glasses, Cass reaches up and breaks his wrist. Starr is watching this all and decides a grenade may solve their problems. They have to shovel Cass away but decide not to terminate him. Starr wants Cassidy to suffer first before he dies. I guess being blown up wasn't enough. So Starr remembers a man perfect for the job of torturing Cass.

Back to Starr, and he's getting himself a little action, but it just isn't working for him anymore. It seems he's having fond flash backs of his time in the dark alley getting it up the dark alley (if you know what I mean). Marseille calls to tell Starr that they have located Jesse and Tulip a hundred miles north of Arles.

A quiet moment for Jesse and Tulip is had in a small dinner. They go over some old times and good memories. Jesse promises Tulip that when this is all over, when Cass is safe, Starr is dead, and the God situation is settled, he's going to take her to Washington and steal the Presidential Limo.

Cass is still ticking.
Doctor? I would like a second opinion. (yah, I'm funny.