Issue 4: Standing Tall

Deblanc makes his entrance.
Deblanc makes a grand entance. Oh well. Jesse see's through it immediately..
The first story arc comes to an exhilerating end with this issue. With a flashback to start the issue, John Wayne's involvement is exposed. The first time John Wayne spoke to Jesse was when he was five years old, after the death of his father. It happens while Jesse is watching "McClintock". Instead of belting a guy, Wayne turns towards Jesse and tells him that they are going to be "pardners". With his hand coming out from the T.V., they shake to their alliance.

Flash forward to the future where Jesse is now under the Gun of Root. He tells Jesse that if he tries the Word on him he'll shoot. Tulip comes up from behind with her gun and tells Root to drop it. Root turns the gun on her and tells Jesse that the offer still stands, one word and Tulip drops.

Cassidy is now in his pick-up, bullets apparently don't stop this boy. He's on the trail of the Saint, and he plans to ram the pick-up straight up The Saints arse.

Back to Jesse, Tulip, and Root, the standoff comes to an end as Sheeriff Root gives her three seconds to drop it. She lowers the gun on three, but not because of Root. The Saint is back, and he's ready to shed some more blood. Root puts Jesse to the ground for later and takes on The Saint. He figures he owes The Saint for a dozen deputies. The Saint corrects him to fourteen deputies. I guess he keeps count. Root changes his mind to take on The Saint just as Cassidy crashes onto the scene with the pick-up. He crashes into the Saint. The truck stops, The Saint doesn't budge an inch, and Cassidy flies through the window and lands beside Jesse on the ground.

I guess The Saint figures that he has time for everyone so he keeps his sites on Root and says "So. About them pistols." This is when Arseface makes his entrance (he was hiding in the back of Roots car). He runs towards the scene screamin' "DUH KUH MUH DUHH! (don't kill my dad)". The whole scene stops at the site of the deformed boy running towards them, and apparently Jesse has had enough because he uses the Word saying "ENOUGH!". Jesse tells the Saint to holster the guns and he does. The Saint walks up to Jesse pissed off as hell and tells Jesse that he's going to kill him (but not today).

Custer uses The Word to make make The Saint get who ever sent him, and so The Saint calls Deblanc down. He arrives in the shape of a divine angel, but Jesse see's through the shit and tells Deblanc to cut it. Jesse tells Deblanc to tell him what the big secret is. Deblanc can't resist the Word and so he tell's him. God quit. He told the angels that he had to go on a journey to Earth. Deblanc tells Custer about Genesis, and how this new entity is as powerful as God. Deblanc asks Jesse to allow the angels to separate Genesis from him, but Jesse has other ideas. He's going to find God and make him tell his people what he's done. Deblanc tells him he can't, so Jesse tells him to get lost. With the story exposed and Deblanc gone, The Saint makes his departure. There's nothing more for him to do without the use of his gun.

Root says that he's going to leave too, but Jesse says "No. We're leavin'.
You're gonna go fuck yourself." Ouchhh... The scene flashes forward a little to a medic telling Arseface about how his father is going to be okay, only it's too late to re-attach his severed penis which was stuck in his colon. Root calls his son into the ambulance and tells him to give him his gun. Since these are the first words Root has said to his son in a long time, he does exactly as his father tells him, hoping to please him. As Arseface tells him that everything's going to change, everything's going to be all right, Root blows his own head off. Arseface runs out of the ambulance screaming, and heads off into the darkness.

The scene goes back to heaven where the Seraphi angels are passing judgement on Deblanc and the fat partner. They throw them into some black hole to who know's where. As this happens, Arseface screams vengeance for his fathers death because of Jesse and says from this day forth he will be known as Arseface (officially).

See you next issue.