Issue 3: And The Horse You Rode In On

Fuck me sideways
Cassidy saying prayer over the victims of the Saint of Killers.
This issue starts with two angels in a conference room discussing the departure of God (why he quit). Deblanc, one of the wingless Adephi describes how God didn't really leave the winged Seraphi in charge. He believes that the whole system would crumble if it weren't for the Adephi. Obviously these two groups of angels don't like each other much. Deblanc fears the Grail. If they were to find out about Genesis, they would bring about the Armageddon. After preserving the bloodline for two thousand years, they would be itching to set it off. Deblanc just despises Heaven and the whole bloody system.

While this debate continues, back on Earth Jesse and Tulip have just realized that their traveling companion, Cassidy, is a vampire. Jesse doesn't take too nicely to this information and tells Cassidy to bugger off (well, maybe the word wasn't bugger, but I'm not in a swearing mood today). And so Cassidy leaves.

The Saint of Killers is at it again. Two cops walk out of a bar and who do they see listening to their radio. The Saint. Then the cops make a fatal error, they tell him to stop. Oh well. One gets a bullet in the heart, the other cop is offered life if he doesn't draw, but hen a few pages later, we see him lying on the ground with only half his head left. I assume he drew his gun, after all, the Saint of killers is a man of honor.

We are now taken to the aftermath of Cassidy's (along with Jesse and Tulip's) little scuffle. The F.B.I. is now having to deal with the fact that everything Hugo told them was true, with the added part of a vampire. They now have Jesse Custer I.D.ed as the Reverend Custer, minister of the church in Annville. The call comes in of the events occuring with the Saint and so they go, calling Hugo Root first. Meeker is starting to believe Hugo may not be totally out of his mind.

This takes us over to Hugo Root and Arseface. Hugo doesn't even look at his son as his son mumbles through his blown off mouth. Arse face is talking about how cool it would be to go with his dad on a mission, but is interupted by the call from the F.B.I. Arseface sneeks into the back seat of the car to go with his dad on this mission.

Now we go to Tulip and Jesse who are in a motel, doing a little catching up (not in that way...yet). This room they broke into is just in view of the crime scene. Jesse doesn't feel like talking too much, so he brings up the gun in Tulip's bag, and so she doesn't feel like talkiing either. They have so many secrets. He won't tell her why he became a minister and so he won't find out why she has a gun. Simple. Cassidy starts regretting that he called Cassidy an abomination, but Tulip doesn't much care for Cassidy, and she isn't too happy about Custer either, but there it is clear she has feelings for. Hurt feelings. Poor Tulip.

Cassidy catches up with The Saint of Killers. They have a few words for each other that ends up with the Saint pumping a bullet into Cassidy. These characters are great.

Jesse hits his head on the Motel sink and starts seeing things like fire in the mirror. The memories of Genesis are starting to seep out. Genesis is a part of him, and the hit on the head started a flow of imagery that tells the story of an angel and a demon going at it (if you know what I mean). From this union, Genesis was born. A mix of Heaven and Hell, a new idea, a being that may be more powerful then God. And it is inside Jesse. Jesse storms out of the motel with Tulip hoping to find the Saint. Jesse figures that if anyone knows what this is all about, it would be him. As he steps out of the motel, Hugo Root is there pointing a gun into Jesse's neck.

See you next issue.