Issue 2: And Hell Followed With Him

Arse Face
The first appearance of an arse that only a mother could love.
This issue starts with a breif description of last issues events only, this time around it's from Sherriff Roots perspective (and a pretty dim one at that.). Root makes the whole scene seem out of this world, and he's quite right to do so. The Saint of Killers draws his gun with lightening speed and starts takin' out the whole lot of 'em. The scene carries on for a few pages with the Saint walking slowly through the cops and blowing off their arms, noses, necks....whatever gets in the way. This buy is good. Sherriff Root escapes when a helicopter arrives threatening the Saint. All we see of that is a ball of fire in the air from the car that Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy are escaping in. Sure enough, out of the fire walks The Saint of Killers towards Jesse, and he don't look too happy.
The whole story sounds like a crapper to Agent Dinnings of the F.B.I., and Dinnings lets Sherriff Root know it. Root responds with a timely "Fuck You." And Root leaves Dinnings and Hugo Root's cheif to talk. We get a little background into Root's son who shot his own face off tryin' to kill himself. He did it because of the death of Kurt Cobain.

The scene flies over to Jesse and Tulip talking about their reunion and "The Word of God" that Jesse possesses. In the mean time Cassidy is in the back again under the tarp. Jesse reveals that Genesis inside him is now becoming one with him. He feels like Genesis is trying to talk to him.

Cassidy pops his head around the window (it's apparently dark enough now for Cassidy to be safe) and makes a crack that pisses Jesse off mildly, so he uses "The Word" on Cassidy. He tells him to stand on his head. Cassidy says "This is dead funny, so it is. Don't do it again." Jesse replies "You got it". Sounds like the beginning of a friendship.

A little while later, Jesse meets up with his imaginary friend (who, oddly enough knows things that Jesse couldn't possibly know). The imaginary friend is in the guise of John Wayne, and John Wayne warns Jesse about The Saint of Killers. He tells Jesse that this is the meanest son of bitch your path may ever cross, so watch him.

Next, we go to Heaven where the angels are worried as shit about the Saint who seems to be killing everybody else but Jesse. But that's not all they're worried about, they are also worried about The Grail finding out about this.

This issue ends with a bar brawl over nothing, a brawl that Jesse prefers to fight with his fists rather than use "The Word". But it does have meaning in the end where we see Cassidy eating the flesh off the neck of some bugger. It seems Cassidy has a certain weekness for jugular. See you next issue!