Issue 1: The Time of the Preacher

"It was the time of the Preacher..."
Yeah, I agree, it is a good first line for a comic series. A line that promises a series with a little more than just action and good art, it promises deep story telling.

John Wayne plays a huge role in Jesse's life
as described in later issues.
Issue one starts with Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip sitting in the Five Aces Diner. They are discussing where Jesse is going to look for God. He decides to start with Texas. Tulip says she's heard of two places where you can start looking for God, the church, or the bottom of a bottle. Jesse disagrees with the church option. This statement already shows where Jesse stands on the matter of the church. He knows that there is no longer a god to be found in religious institutions from personal experience.

In the diner the story is told how the three arrived together. The story has to do with Genesis, Angels, and how Jesse came to be a Preacher in the first place. The flashback begins:

Cut to Annville, on a Saturday night and Jesse was having a little crisis of faith. Jesse knows where the Church is and they serve Jack Daniel's. The situation of having a congregation that don't believe in shit but ask for forgiveness anyways and then go on sinning breaks Jesse. He takes it out on the patrons of the bar. He reveals all that they ever confessed, that's true redemption.

Of course they don't take too kindly to it so they kick the shit out of him. Good Christians...yeah. Jesse figures that it was around that time that Genesis was escaping.

Cue Heaven. There they are, all the fluffy clouds and such, with want element changed. Genesis has escaped and the Adephi angels are scared. Enter the Seraphi Angels, (the gaurds of heaven, the warriors.) It so happens that during Genesis escape, the entity decapitated one of the Seraphi. Ooops. So the Adephi get a warning from the Seraphi angel that they better get Genesis back before he causes any trouble down on Earth. It seems the Seraphi were left in charge by the big guy (God).

It turns out that Genesis is after a soul. Genesis had started to develope a morality and so yearns to bond with a human soul. He must be stopped, and there is only one person around who can stop him, The Saint of Killers.

We are taken back to the diner where Cassidy cuts in to tell how he and Tulip were to meet up at around the same time as the escape of Genesis. The scene starts with Tulip standing at a corner waiting to blow some guys head off. She makes a cute assassin, don't she? She misses her hit (while blowing another guys chin off) and makes a run for it. Cassidy just happens to be driving around and so Tulip sticks a gun in his face and tells him to get out of the fuckin' truck. How does Cassidy respond? "Shan't." Heh...I like this guy already. A little gun play ensues and convinces Cassidy to help Tulip out. So they drive off into the sunset together.

The Adephi angel turns up at The Saint of killers resting place and sets him free. The Saint blows the Adephi's brains out (not all of his brains really because he still tells the Saint his mission.) The Adephi tells the Saint to find Genesis, and if he has joined with a human, kill him.

Jesse continues with his story. The next morning after the bar, everyone in Annville shows up to church. They want to see the Reverend Custer losing his marbles. Such dedicated followers they were. As Jesse commences his sermon, Exodus flies into the church like a comet and directly into Jesse. The church explodes, people are melting everywhere and all that's left alive is Jesse (with Genesis inside him).

Tulip happens to be near by and sees the cloud of smoke. So, with Cassisdy in the back with a tarp pulled over him, she drives to the scene and finds Jesse.

Sheriff Root makes an appearance on the scene a little while later (the trio have already departed) and blames the whole mess on "martian niggers" (this Root is a real asshole). Eventually the police catch up to the trio and Jesse discovers that he has a new power. The Word of God is now in him. He tells the cops to drop their guns and let them go and they do. Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy take off.

That's when the Saint of Killers walks on the scene just as the cops are starting to pick up their guns again, God, does he look like he's in a killing mood.