PREACHER has taken the art of graphic literature to new heights. With its hard stance on religion and cultural ritual, PREACHER propels the reader into a new realm of thought. If there is one thing to be taken from this book, it's that no one should take any shit from anyone. That's what makes PREACHER great. Enjoy.


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Here's the line up:
Created by:
Garth Ennis Writer
Steve Dillon Artist
Clem Robins Letterer
Pamela Rambo and James Sinclair Colorists
Axel Alonso Editor
Glenn Fabry Cover Artist
Logo Design Dean Motter

Preacher Award
Winner of the
Comic Sites Alliance
Top 10 Award
for October 1997

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Some New Desktops

Thanks Arnar Olafsson

Cover Gallery:
Preacher Covers by Glenn FabryCheck out all the COVERS done by Fabry for Preacher and a few more.

Check out this tattoo
The Saint of Killers TattooI Received this amazing tattoo image of the Saint of Killers from a serious Preacher fan. Thanks RJ.

Preacher Theme: Windows 95/98
I found this theme on the net somewhere and it looks really good. There are full instructions and credits on the "Read Me" file in the zipped archive.
Download (1527K)

Movie Pre-Production image
Arse FaceSent in by Alex Theakson. Looks like there was some work done towards an actual movie. Don't think it's gone much further than this though.
Desktop Backgrounds
Now a little gift From The Divinity to all Preacher Fans. Here are three background images for your desktop. I think you will like them (ps. the second and third one have no plugs for this site).
Preacher Background (Saint of Killers) 57K (800 X 600)
Preacher Background 2 (Jesse's Possession) 90K (800 X 600)
Preacher Background 3 (Fabry ART) 103K (800 X 600)

Preacher : Dead or Alive
Jesse Custer and Tulip Cover
This gorgeous color collection of the original painted covers to the recently-concluded "Preacher" series is a great overview of how, month after month, Fabry's powerful art unified the series and made it one of the most distinctive and outrageous on the comic book stands. Plenty of original sketches show how covers evolved, and the covers themselves are reproduced without logos or sales information to give you the full effect of the art. Ennis and Fabry comment on (and critique) each cover.

Preacher : Dead or Alive
Order the TPB HERE.

Cassidy, Saint of KillersHere's a Desktop Background sent in by Alex Theakston. Very nice work. Thanks. (169k)

CassidyHere's one from Brian. Can't get any cooler than this. Thanks.

Jesse Custer

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